Football Leagues Around Droitwich

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Bromsgrove League

Kidderminster League

Midland Football League

Redditch League

Worcester League

These are the local football leagues that include a Droitwich team. Football is still very much a part of the local football scene around Droitwich, but over the last 20 years there has been a real downturn in competing sides.

Much of this can be blamed on rising costs of amateur football, availability of pitches, amenities, players, managers, club camaraderie, fund raisers, committee’s and a whole bunch of other reasons including simply not being arsed!

A great shame, but local football all over the Country has been on the wane for the last couple of decades but the good news is that the Saturday team, Droitwich Spa FC, are well and truly on the up!

Droitwich is a small, but expanding, market town with a great history and a proud community. Please visit these websites for more local information:

Visit Droitwich Spa

Droitwich Spa

Droitwich Spa Wiki

Hopefully, you will find out most things about Droitwich within those web pages including local shops, garages, schools and entertainment.


But in the meantime…..