Epic Soccer Training Review

Epic Soccer Training ProgramI don’t know about you, but from what I’ve seen over the last few years of grass roots football, it really needs to raise its game.

This is where a good, worthy training program needs to be implemented as soon as possible and I think that program is Matt Smiths Epic Soccer Training.

Now, as this is a football site dedicated to local soccer, I can hear many of you asking ‘but it’s a North American Soccer Program!!’…and so what?

This is without doubt the most comprehensive soccer training course I’ve seen, and if budding footballers don’t take heed to it, then they’ll be left behind in their football careers.

Strong words you may say…but it’s the truth!

The problem these days with our football at youth and grass roots level is that many a soccer player has forgotten what the game is all about. The spirit has been waning for years, the quality has been filtered out so only a few get spotted by scouts, the training is just ‘up and down’ stuff, no one really teaches you how to even kick the ball the correct way.

Budding footballers might see Ronaldo making magic with his techniques, then go out and try it for themselves, with often comical results. But who teaches the real magic these days?

Well, this is where you should take a peak at the Epic Soccer Training Course.

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Coaches these days are quite happy to take basic training and keep it at that, but who teaches YOU about REAL football?

Many a kid has lost out by simply being overlooked. If you’ve ever been out there on the pitch, or in training, and thought ‘I need to do better stuff…this is sooo basic!‘ then you need to empower yourself to do something about it.

Empower Yourself To Trainfootball training with matt smith at epic soccer training

The Epic Soccer Training Program can get you to a level of soccer that will make you stand out from the crowd. Think about this.

You love football. You want to be a Pro Soccer Player. Your Training is basic as best. Why are you still doing this?

Take time to learn every part of soccer by yourself. Individual training is what makes a soccer player stand out, it makes the player more confident in their own ability, it makes them practice techniques no one teaches on the training ground. Do you want to be left doing the basics…and get nowhere?

The Epic Soccer Training course should be taught at school for up and coming footballers everywhere. It not only gets the player in the right mindset, it helps produce the confidence and responsibility of a future captain and leader.

The course will also teach you how to kick a ball with extreme power and precision (so often no taught), how to time tackles, how to thread defense splitting balls, how to run at speed with the ball, how to read the game like a pro, how to keep fitness level topped up, how to find your ‘touch’ and a whole bunch of other techniques too long to list here.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the training program. So what gives Matt Smith the right to teach this stuff?

Matt Smith and his Epic Soccer Training

Matt Smith Epic Soccer TrainingMatt put his Epic Soccer Training program together after gaining the required knowledge to make it as a soccer pro. He was just your run of the mill bench warmer, but hated the role and knew he was better.

He spent countless hours analyzing soccer pro’s, then asking the same pro’s what their secrets were. This knowledge didn’t happen overnight.

Since Matt gained all the ‘right stuff’ he went from bench warmer to soccer pro. He has now put all his knowledge into this online course which has helped over 10,000 soccer players worldwide since he began.

The soccer training course is huge with actual videos of Matt and his team going over every aspect of what makes a great soccer player. There are 3 main modules to start with which are broken down in this way.

Module 1:
The first module is called The Rock. It’s a solid foundation course that gets into your head about how important training is and where to get, and keep, the motivation to succeed. This is not just your basic stuff here, it’s the core, the catalyst, to get your football mindset up with the pro’s. You will be lifted to a higher level.

Module 2:
The second module is called The Cup. Now you can learn how to really set the field alight with techniques never taught at soccer grass roots level. This is the game changer module where the game comes to you. How to control the soccer ball at pace, how to curve and bend free kicks, timing, dribbling, feints, power…all the soccer skills left behind on the basic training grounds. You will also learn the very important I.Q. of soccer, a mind skill so many players lack.

Module 3:
Module 3 is called The Factory. This is where all the parts come together. You will find yourself full of confidence and a real ‘want’ to succeed. You will now become the best player on the field and have an infinity better chance of getting spotted. Or, if you just play soccer for the love of it, you will become noted as the best player out there. You will actually have the respect of all your team mates and the give out the fear factor to your opponents.football training and soccer training with matt smith and epic soccer training

There is so much more inside the Epic Soccer Training Program that will give you the edge. Matt has been there and now he’s here with you and you have a great opportunity to tap into his skill and knowledge of the beautiful game to raise your game to heights you never thought possible.

I honestly think if soccer was taught this way on the training ground, we would see a vastly improved local game and, in time, a much better national team.

The Right Way To Train

The only thing stopping a young kid, or ambitious youngster, from playing as a soccer pro is the way he or she is taught how to play soccer.

Many a kid has the skills to get to a professional level and do the thing they love for a living, but so many are overlooked which doesn’t benefit either party.

Make a difference to the football arena, get this soccer course and not only improve your personal game, but help improve the game in general.

Think this is a hard sell? Damn Right!

I love the game and at the moment soccer is coming apart at the seems. It hurts. This is the best game in the world and to see players treat it as a ‘kick about’ really grinds my gears. If I can point just one soccer player in the right direction, I will be happy.

Coaches too, you can benefit so much from Matt Smith’s program by implementing his training in your own training sessions. Don’t you want to change the game too…for the better?

Either way, this Epic Soccer Training Course will help an individual shine, make them a better player, and person, as well as giving the game a much needed boost.

If you love playing Soccer, Football, Footy…whatever, you owe it to yourself to get this course and become the player you’ve always wanted to be.

Epic Soccer Training Course With Matt Smith

 The Epic Soccer Training Course is available online through a membership website and all training videos can be viewed and implemented once signed in.